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Story Time

Once upon a time there lived a boy who loved ReBoot and wished more than anything to write ReBoot fan fiction. His active imagination kept coming up with fascinating scenes that would make for gripping stories if not for one small problem. This lad lacked the self-discipline to sit down and do the hard work necessary to expand a multitude of disconnected scenes into a single continuous story with a beginning, middle and end.

Then one day, after an extended period where his imagination had been particularly inspired, he said to himself, "This is nuts! These story ideas are just going to waste floating around in my head until they get stale. It's time to strap on the harness and get to work."

And so he set forth to bring the world inside his mind out into the light of day. Drawing together the lessons learned from previous less successful efforts he set about crafting a system for his characters to inhabit, fleshing out his existing characters, generating secondary characters to breathe life into the system, plotting out the flow of pivotal events and inserting lesser events as necessary to give the story more substance and subtext.

Does he succeed? Will his ReBoot dreams become a reality? Time alone will tell.
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