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Storyline overview

Though this story will be set in the ReBoot universe, it will not take place in Mainframe. Rather, it will be set in a distant system known as the Cray. The Cray is a vast system. Not as large as the Super Computer, but still far larger than Mainframe. Where Mainframe once had two cities and now has only one, the Cray has a total of 19 cities set in concentric hexagonal rings.

Each city has it's own individual style or atmosphere. The central city, named Rom, is the hub for the entire system. As they say, "All roads lead to Rom." It houses the Principle Office for the entire system, as well as the local Guardian base.

In the surrounding ring there is a city with a distinctly oriental slant. I still haven't settled on a name for this city, though I once considered naming it Hiroshima. Those of you who know your history may recognize that name. Consider it a bit of foreshadowing. This city is the technological center of the system. Most research and development occurs here, not least of which is weapons development and testing. Quite the tempting target for any ambitious virus.

Speaking of viruses, in the outer ring there is a city which, among other things, is known as Virus City. This city has been completly taken over by viruses. One virus in particular reigns supreme over all, ParaCyte. ParaCyte is a classic Corruptor virus with a rather non-classical approach to domination: he rules through political and economic means. Certainly he has his armies, his thugs and his heavies to enforce his will, but why waste so much effort cooercing people into doing your bidding when you can simply pull the strings that make people want to do what you wish? You toe the line, do your level best, and you'll be both honored and rewarded. Step out of line and "You'll never work in this town again." He's basicly the godfather of the city.

ParaCyte's humane approach to ruling Virus City isn't entirely his own idea. There is someone behind the scenes manipulating him, advising him to use subtle means of control because it's what works. This person is not a virus, but she has somehow worked her way up into a position of considerable trust and authority in ParaCyte's organisation. Due largely to her efforts one sector of Virus City has been set aside as a refuge for benign viruses, whereas the other sectors are all under the uneasy control of ParaCyte's general viruses.

There's a lot more to tell about life in the Cray, but that shall have to wait on future posts. See you sprites later. Stay Frosty. :)
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