GM Lunaroki (nanocyte) wrote in mainframe_log,
GM Lunaroki

ReBooting the Log

Hello fellow members of Mainframe Log. It has been quite a while since this poor community was allowed to slip away into oblivion and I thought perhaps this might be an appropriate time to attempt to revitalize it. To start out with, I've invited a couple of friends of mine to join the community, so welcome aboard Allison and Rachel. I hope both of you chose to accept my invitation to join.

Second, all of you who were members before and didn't have posting privileges, you now have them. Before any member could comment on a post but members could only receive the power to make new posts by emailing me. This is no longer necessary. Any member can make a post at any time.

Next up, I'm posing the question to all members, new and old alike: What shall we do with this community? Is there enough interest to bring this community back from the brink of beyond? If so, what form shall it take? General fandom/discussion? Fan fiction posting? Roleplaying? Any other notions? I would really like to get every member's opinion on this, even if your opinion is just "I don't really know."

Anyway, the mike is open. Step up to the Mike and say whatever you'd like. We're all listenning. :)
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