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Fics on demand! Join!

(If I'm not supposed to do this on certain comms... my deepest apologies. I'll take the slap on the wrist and accept the deletion of my post. X-posting gets a little confusing. ;;U_U)

Okay folks, I joined a very cool comm today and am doing my duty of pimping it out as a member but also because there needs to be more than anime requests! So join and post a request, folks!

Everyone will want to join because listen to this awesome challenge for the month of June! Anyone who writes at least one fic fullfilling a request per day in the month of June will recieve either 6 months of paid LJ service or a $15 gift certif for or online retailer of your choice. Pretty freaking cool, huh? And even if you don't write, how about requesting things you don't get enough of? I put in a request for Bruce/Johnny Dead Zone fics.

Please join and post requests! You don't even have to be fandom specific if you just have random ideas. =)

~Clarity / Karasu ( ')>

X-posting all over the place. Apologies if you get this multiple times.
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